"Throw out all of your preconceived ideas and learn how to reconnect with food. This class will change your life - the way you look at food, interact with food, and consume food. there will never be another love affair that is so intimate, nourishing and satisfying as my new found love of good food."

"This class has deeply and permanently changed my relationship with food. Just being around the chefs and food has opened my heart to a more natural and sensual relationship with food and cooking. I used to be intimidated by cooking and buying unusual vegetables. For years I found it exhausting and time consuming not only preparing meals and cleaning up, but trying to work out what to make every night. Quite simply, the viand chefs' influence has eliminated these difficulties from my life. They totally removed the mystique around cooking for me and showed me how beautiful food is, how easy shopping can be, and how safe it is to feel at home in my own kitchen. Not only have they taught me how to select food and how to feed myself, but their philosophy on supporting local agriculture and connecting with your community has had a deep and lasting effect on me. Much of this philosophy has been transmitted to me through their example, and simply being around them in the kitchen and at the farmers markets. I can’t express how fortunate I feel to have crossed their paths. They are a true inspiration."

"This class gave me permission to cook really simply, and to be more confident in my cooking. I've cooked a lot, but this is an approach that is more joyful, and i enjoy the process more."

"Even though i still don't cook very often, the class was fun and gave me confidence in my cooking abilities..."

"This class helped me realize that good food doesn't have to be made by getting hung up on the particulars, which is exhausting and not fun anyway. It's more about letting a meal grow from what attracts you - what you find pleasurable."

"You are the one that sparked this fire in my belly. You took me by the hand to the farmer's market and showed me how you cook. And I began to remember..."